Spanish for Humanities: Presentation of the Research Project

While the Language for Specific Purposes of certain sectors such as law or economics – as well as their teaching – have risen plenty of research works, within the fields of Humanities they have been very little or not studied at all.

However, a precise knowledge of these linguistic and cultural realities and their teaching / learning conditions are essential for the establishment and development of teaching of Spanish for Specific Purposes related to Humanities, whose advantages are numerous in terms of learning, opening but also in the perspective of internationalization and professionalization.

At the University of Toulouse – Jean Jaurès we have tested during several years five specialized programs belonging to several Humanities domains, within the preparation for levels B1 and B2 of Spanish, allowing to build an educational project that has become the “sandbox” of the scientific project Spanish for Humanities, whose main objectives are:

Scientific objectives:

  • Define the linguistic, pragmatic and cultural particularities of the use of Spanish in the sectors of Spanish-speaking and bilingual French-Spanish of the arts, languages & literature, heritage, sociology, etc. (professions which can lead to Humanities careers).
  • Identify the advantages of mastering Spanish for Specific Purposes and knowledge of Spanish-speaking professional circles for professions related to Humanities.
  • Measure the educational impact of the Humanities Spanish for Specific Purposes lessons for the acquisition of the language studied and in the context of disciplinary training (disciplinary improvement; international mobility).
  • Study and design educational resources and devices adapted to the teaching of Spanish for Specific Purposes for Humanities.
  • Measure the challenges, assets and constraints of a specialization in teaching called “LANSAD” (Languages ​​for specialists in other disciplines), taking into account the role of language teaching in the internationalization and professionalization of high education careers.
  • Evaluate the training needs of Spanish teachers.

Didactical / pedagogical / academic objectives:

  • Share resources and educational practices.
  • Foster the collaborative design of educational materials.
  • Encourage the teaching of Language for Specific Purposes in University for all areas of formation, including Humanities.
  • More broadly, open an inter-language and interdisciplinary dialogue on teaching on Language for Specific Purposes for Humanities fields; strengthen links between academia and other professional sectors around foreign languages.

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